COMPASS Builds Relationships

Sometimes things just click. Capgemini, a global technology services and digital transformation company, set up its Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) in Columbia, S.C. With 200 employees and plans to expand, Capgemini needed enhanced recruitment outreach.  

That’s when Joe Greer, vice president of ATDC, toured the College with Sebastian van Delden, interim dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics, and found more than he expected.  

“Sebastian explained the COMPASS program to me and how it aims to connect students with companies before graduation so that the chance of getting a job immediately out of college is higher,“ says Greer. “His goals and ours are perfectly in sync.”  

The COMPASS (COMputing Professionals And Student Scholars) program includes physical space at the College of Charleston’s Harbor Walk facilities, which as the lead COMPASS sponsor, Capgemini can use any time.  

The team has already used the COMPASS room for student get-togethers. “Our goal is to build relationships with students so that they are with us for the long haul,” says Greer.  

Meeting in a relaxed environment like Harbor Walk gives Capgemini the opportunity to meet students and determine if they will fit into the company culture. Already two CofC 2019 graduates will be joining ATDC: Carter Haley and Justin Hull.  

“I went on a site visit and found ATDC to be a compelling work environment,” says Haley, a data science and economics major.  

Haley received a job offer the evening after his interview in Columbia. For Greer, Haley was a natural fit. In addition to meeting him at ATDC and the career fair, he had seen him in action during the Capgemini-sponsored Hackathon. 

Hull, a computing in the arts major, attended the College’s career fair and was invited for an interview. His portfolio of work greatly impressed the Capgemini team, and he quickly received a job offer.  

“They seemed genuinely interested in what I can bring as someone adept at computers and the arts,” explains Hull.  

Van Delden looks forward to more CofC students joining Capgemini. “Our liberal arts and sciences tradition, combined with experiential learning and team building, fit perfectly with Capgemini’s cultural goals for its workforce. It just clicks.”  – Darcie Goodwin