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Greg Garvan and Priscilla Quirk, proud parents of Brady Quirk-Garvan '08, have endowed a scholarship in honor of Carrie Trapp Kilgore, an African American woman who helped raise Greg Garvan and his siblings in Spartanburg, SC. One of the most beloved people in Greg’s life, Carrie had an almost perpetual smile, and more love in her heart then anyone he knows. The scholarship will support a student participating in the...
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Ten-year anniversaries traditionally call for gifts of tin or aluminum. For Mace Brown, the 10-year anniversary of the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History at the College of Charleston is being marked by a multi-year gift to support a new research fellowship to take the museum’s research and community outreach to the next level.   Brown’s gift may not have been intended as an anniversary present, but his investment is intentional nonetheless. After informally funding research activities for the past six years, Brown established the Mace Brown Museum Research Fellowship to provide a...
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It began with a single student. During a 2017 visit to Special Collections in Addlestone Library, a Cougar inquired about materials featuring the Lowcountry's LGBTQ community. For Special Collections - home to many of the rarest materials not just in the region, but the world - coming up emptyhanded was uncommon. Due to a long practice of stigmatizing LGBTQ individuals, available archival materials have long been at risk of being hidden or...
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When most of us were 16 years old, we were focused on getting our driver’s license, enjoying high school, considering where we wanted to go to college, or figuring out what our adult lives would be like, or all of these things at once. Not Jody Bell. At 16, Jody already knew what she wanted to do. She created her first non-profit, In Case of Deportation, an organization focused on informing American-born children of undocumented parents or guardians on how to prepare for parental deportation.
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It reads like a storyline for a Spielberg production. But it’s exactly what happened at the Sottile Theatre in 2011 when construction crews removed acoustic tiles from the walls during renovation. What they discovered beneath were two classically styled murals hiding behind years of dust and layers of adhesive.
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December 11, 2020
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