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The College Libraries make up the nexus of CofC, and with hybrid learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, their critical services are needed now more than ever.   From the laptop lending program to research help for students and instructional support to faculty for online classes, the Libraries are dedicated to serving the CofC community — no matter the medium.   The Libraries’ decision to pursue online avenues of research, instruction and accessibility aggressively long predates COVID-19. In 2014, before many of their South Carolina higher-ed peers, the Libraries embraced emerging digital...
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Joanna Lau, founder and CEO of executive consulting and investment company Lau Acquisitions and member of the College of Charleston’s School of Business Board of Governors, is on a mission. “Women make a great impact in the economy and the workplace,” she says. “The mission for the Center for Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) is to promote the advancement of women.”  Lau is a successful leader in a male–dominated industry, but she’s not interested in talking about her success. Her goal is to take the lessons she and other successful business women have learned and share...
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When Theodore “Ted” S. Stern became the College of Charleston’s 16th president in 1968, the College was integrating the campus and facing a financial crisis. Stern proved to be just the right person to get the College through the hardships and move it forward.  A visionary who knew how to make the College grow, Stern transformed the College from a small, private, financially insolvent institution of 481 students to a public liberal arts college of more than 5,000 undergraduates by the time he “retired” in 1978. During his 10 years in office, Stern grew the annual operating budget from $700,000...
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MEET A SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT Samba Ndiaye ’21 • Dakar, Senegal Hospitality and Tourism Management major  Tap and Jean Johnson Men’s Basketball Scholarship Recipient  “When I think of the power of philanthropy, I think of someone who aims to improve the lives of others, someone who gives others a chance or opportunity to succeed in education, and life in general. My donors’ philanthropic action has allowed me to become a student-athlete at the College...
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In 1934, Emmett Robinson ’35 won the College of Charleston’s Robert Worth Bingham Oratorical Contest. An annual tradition dating to 1907, the speech competition, judged by a panel of College faculty, identified the best student rhetorician. Robinson’s winning speech, which celebrates the value of music in our daily lives, continues to ring true today.   “With so many devices to make life less of a drudgery we ignore striving to new heights and lapse into servitude to Common Sense,”...
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Samba Ndiaye ’21 • Dakar, Senegal
December 11, 2020
Jody Bell ’23 • Riverside, CT
August 28, 2020
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May 13, 2020

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